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These include frits as mentioned below.

•  Frits for Crackle glazes .

•  Vitrosa frits (granules) used in third firing decoration purpose having high amount of fluxes and usually mature at low     temperatures at about 700°C to 900 °C.



Why Us ?

Throughout this period of continuous manufacturing operation Gibraltar Glass & Ceramics has developed many type of Glass Frit for Wall Tiles , Floor Tiles, Porcelain tiles, and for decorative tiles thereby setting up a reputation for innovative and sound manufacturing practice. This has been possible only due to active support of our esteemed customers and our technical team.

What is Frits ?

Frit is a glassy material of a specific theoretical composition. *ASTM C242 defines frit as a product made by quenching and breaking up a glass of a specific composition, used customarily as a component of a glaze, body, or porcelain enamel. Read More ...