Products - Floor / Glazed Porcelain Tile

These Frits are specially designed for high temperatures in single fast firing process. Frits for both Floor tiles and Porcelain tile are available in various categories according to surface finish requirement like natural stone, matt, semi-matt as well as for engobes.

 Frit Code

 Description / Typical Use / Remarks

  Coeff of Them
  Expn** (x10-8)

  Temp* (°C)


GIF 445

Transparent Glossy. Primarily use in floor tile glazes.


1150 -1180


GIF 512

Transparent Glossy. Use in glaze for cone 3 to 5


1160 -1190


GIF 615

Transparent Matt frit. Typical use for silk finish and Natural stone matt effects.


1160 -1190


GIF 150

Transparent Matt frit. Used as matting agent.


1140 -1165


GIF 715

Opaque Hard Matt, used in stone matt effects for porcelain & floor tile.


1160 -1190


GIF 211

Well balanced Transparent Glossy used in floor tile glazes.


1160 - 1190


GIF 822

Opaque glossy frit. Used in glaze and engobe for floor tiles.


1150 - 1200


GIF 338

Opaque Matt frit with high Zircon & Alumina.


1140 - 1190


GIF 671

High Thermal Expansion, Opaque frit with high Zircon loaded. Used only for engobe for correction of positive bends.


1140 - 1200

* Temperature range depends upon glost firing cycle (Orton Cones)

** CTE are approx practical values

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Why Us ?

Throughout this period of continuous manufacturing operation Gibraltar Glass & Ceramics has developed many type of Glass Frit for Wall Tiles , Floor Tiles, Porcelain tiles, and for decorative tiles thereby setting up a reputation for innovative and sound manufacturing practice. This has been possible only due to active support of our esteemed customers and our technical team.

What is Frits ?

Frit is a glassy material of a specific theoretical composition. *ASTM C242 defines frit as a product made by quenching and breaking up a glass of a specific composition, used customarily as a component of a glaze, body, or porcelain enamel. Read More ...