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Business Opportunity :

With a vision of on going improvement and emerging as a leader in the world of ceramics, this area represents an invitation to Organizations, Suppliers and Customers / Agents all over the world seeking working partnerships in each sectors of business which we characterize as…

 > International Representatives / agents for marketing our products and capable of assisting with technical support to the customers at       their end.

 > Technical Services / Collaboration for product development.

 > As your soul Representative in India for marketing your Ceramics related products.

Interested companies / individuals are requested to contact us at:

All documentation / projects we receive will be submitted to the competent internal department for evaluation.

Career :

We would like to meet Professional Engineers and Technicians in ceramic coatings, from all around the world, willing to contribute to Gibraltar for the realization of ever important objectives, from research to production, with their involvement, competence and creativity.

Professionals with a sound formal education, relational/team-working skills and the maximum flexibility of approach are requested to send your personal details with Curriculum Vitae in .doc or .pdf format and a passport size photo copy in .jpg or .bmp format (only for verification purpose) with type of service offered at

Willingness to face change is rare but absolutely essential quality when working in a fast-evolving area of industry. Frequent short and medium duration business trips required.

Data available to us will help us in personal selection to create your opportunity to fulfill our requirements and will be contacted directly by the company when ever required only after confirmation of the sent data.



Why Us ?

Throughout this period of continuous manufacturing operation Gibraltar Glass & Ceramics has developed many type of Glass Frit for Wall Tiles , Floor Tiles, Porcelain tiles, and for decorative tiles thereby setting up a reputation for innovative and sound manufacturing practice. This has been possible only due to active support of our esteemed customers and our technical team.

What is Frits ?

Frit is a glassy material of a specific theoretical composition. *ASTM C242 defines frit as a product made by quenching and breaking up a glass of a specific composition, used customarily as a component of a glaze, body, or porcelain enamel. Read More ...