Quality Assurance :

We believe that quality produced at the out put end is mainly controlled by the quality of input raw materials. Our products are manufactured from selected High purity grade Minerals & Chemicals.

All raw materials are carefully tested on receipt to ensure compliance with the specifications laid down by us. Some critical raw materials are imported to ensure strict adherence to quality.

Quality control is maintained all over the production process at different stages were ever possible. The product goes through various tests before it is dispatched to our customers.

Reliability :

Reliability caps all other considerations at Gibraltar Glass & Ceramics. The company has every modern facility for manufacturing and production of Glass Frit and to accommodate our customers with full supplies without any interruption.

Gibraltar 's management is strongly committed to achieving the objective of providing our customers with a global service and bringing them the most personalized possible solutions in accordance with their needs and interests. For this reason we have recently made a significant investment in improving our installations and technological equipment. Redesigned and rebuilt almost all its facility to match with international quality and standards in producing Glass Frit.

Service policy :

Gibraltar bases a large part of its success, in addition to its quality, on the service that it provides to its customers.

Our technicians study the problems, analyzing them to their finest detail, advising and evaluating all potential solutions together with the client with out rejecting anything. Thus we obtain and provide satisfaction that yields in return a loyal and ever increasingly satisfied customer; and all this occurs because we have espoused total quality principles.

Gibraltar 's mission is to provide solutions and satisfy its customer's demands to the fullest. And it is aware that leadership in solutions can only be achieved by providing customers with product quality and after-sales service.

Our technical services are always available to assist the customer's right from the start like in selecting the best suitable product, giving trials to get the best result and upto customer satisfaction.

Environment & Safety

One of the most important commitments of Gibraltar is developing its activities with the maximum respect for the environment at the workplace as ongoing tasks and a key part of our processes.

Prevention is always better than cure , we at Gibraltar have always practiced by implementing safety guidelines which include the following points:

   > To take responsibility for supervising our facilities, products, emissions and waste disposal.

   > To dedicate the utmost attention to the safety and security of our employees and installations.

   > To minimize any impact on people and the environment during the manufacture, storage, transport, distribution and use of our products.

   > Protection of the environment and safety in the workplace are fundamental elements and an essential part of our values.

   > Practicing of using only low toxicity raw materials ensuring protection to environment and safety to employees by eliminating health       hazards.

By integrating preventative measures at every level of the organization, we have established a system for consolidating the occupational health and safety of all our employees, who are our best asset when it comes to improving our products and processes.

Aspects such as defining control and follow-up of every operation, emergency preparedness, participation of every staff member in preventative tasks, auditing processes and corrective action planning all provide Gibraltar with exhaustive controls over its risk prevention activities and an efficient instrument to increase the quality of its products and the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees.


Why Us ?

Throughout this period of continuous manufacturing operation Gibraltar Glass & Ceramics has developed many type of Glass Frit for Wall Tiles , Floor Tiles, Porcelain tiles, and for decorative tiles thereby setting up a reputation for innovative and sound manufacturing practice. This has been possible only due to active support of our esteemed customers and our technical team.

What is Frits ?

Frit is a glassy material of a specific theoretical composition. *ASTM C242 defines frit as a product made by quenching and breaking up a glass of a specific composition, used customarily as a component of a glaze, body, or porcelain enamel. Read More ...